I tried to give myself layers and failed miserably, so in a panic I called Synergy Salon and Spa because it is located close to my house. They got me in within the hour (wow!) and Nicole cut my hair. It is the cutest haircut I have had in ages. She listened to me (and all of my hangups about my hair because it is wavy and does whatever it wants depending on the day) and gave me the perfect cut. She even asked at the end for me to play around with it and make sure it was how I wanted it. I can't say enough good things about the experience I had at Synergy and with Nicole.

Julia Gerhardt Avatar Julia Gerhardt
April 20, 2019

Allison is the best stylist I have had since coming to Idaho (15 years ago). She listened to what I wanted and did exactly that. My hair is perfect. She also waxed my brows and did a great job. She introduced me to a new brow pencil that I loved on my eyebrows. She also helped me pick our some foundation and bronzer. She put is on my face so that I could see what it would look like. Her scalp massage was amazing. Totally the best place to go and the very best stylist to do your hair.

Linda Gurrola Avatar Linda Gurrola
February 5, 2021

I've never had a bad experience here. My first time was back in 2012 when I didn't know much about hair care, so I was a gets-a-haircut-once-a-year type of client and always jumped around and then was frustrated when I never felt listened to or ended up with something I didn't want. I started seeing Holly for her wedding services and haven't stopped since. She's taught me so much about hair health and helped me fade and blend out my 6+ year dark red without simply bleaching back to my natural strawberry blonde. If you are looking for a place whose stylists will actually listen to you, will give realistic advise, and are interested in improving your overall experience- you have to visit Synergy.

Ashely Higgins Avatar Ashely Higgins
August 23, 2019

Great environment, clean salon and knowledgeable and gentle stylist.

Star Davis Avatar Star Davis
December 25, 2020